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Yang Wang

Yang Wang, Director

Yang Wang is a real-estate developer in West Vancouver. His company, Apeiron Properties Corp., stands out in the industry by simultaneously embodying both development and construction roles. Yang and his company have been building homes in ways that cater to our community’s increasing preferences for higher standards of living while preserving the characters of existing neighbourhoods. Yang and his company proudly promote the culture of caring for the community by following the “Go Local” (buy locally, collaborate locally and re-invest locally) and “Go Green” (energy conversation, and reduce, reuse and recycle) policies. Yang holds a master’s degree in business management from the University of British Columbia and a bachelor degree in engineering from the University of Southern California. Yang is the recipient of the West Vancouver Chamber of Commerce’s Young Entrepreneur of the Year award. Yang is also the founder and managing director of West Vancouver’s popular Asian New Year celebrations, which attracts hundreds of attendees each year. Yang is a founding member of the Foundation’s Asian Advisory Committee, and has been serving as a committee member with various organizations including the District of West Vancouver and West Vancouver Foundation.

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