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Grace Haines #LiftingForGrace

January 25, 2021

On January 25th 2021, 17 year old Grace Haines was struck by a car while out for a run. It was a hit and run, so thanks to an incredible Good Samaritan who found her, she was rushed to Lion’s Gate Hospital in North Vancouver, where she underwent emergency surgery for brain trauma. Grace is now in intensive care at LGH, in an induced coma. We are praying for her to wake up and start the road to a full recovery.

Grace loved fitness. She worked out daily, was an accomplished cross country runner, plus trained in both gymnastics and Circus (think Cirque de Soleil), which is probably the most physically challenging thing in the world save for Navy SEAL training. She has also developed a passion for lifting weights, training both powerlifting and Olympic lifting with her incredible trainer Alejandra Miranda at Groundwork Athletics. Grace’s deadlift was up to 245 lbs and even though she never attempted to lift 250 lbs, I think she could do it easily. I can’t wait to go back to training with her and hit that milestone.

So many people have graciously offered help to Grace and our family. If anyone wants to know how to help, I can only think of one thing. Grace is alive today because of the incredible nurses, doctors and staff at Lion’s Gate Hospital. They have been so amazing and I forever owe them all an incredible debt that I can never possibly repay, but will still always try. We are so lucky in Canada that healthcare is universal and free. I have not received one bill for the countless hours of time and equipment used. But that doesn’t mean there isn’t a cost. Yes, tax dollars fund healthcare, but hospitals in Canada also rely heavily on donations.

So if you want to support Grace and help lift her up, please make a donation to the Lion’s Gate Hospital Foundation.

If you would like to help spread the word, plus post a picture or video of you lifting whatever weight you want, with the hashtag #LiftingForGrace. You can go to the gym and do a squat or deadlift (her favourite). You can lift simple hand weights at home. If you don’t have any weights, you can lift a laundry detergent bottle. Heck, lift a drink. Anything you lift will help lift Grace’s spirits as she recovers.

If you email proof of donation to [email protected], then you will be entered in a draw to win five personal training sessions with any trainer at Groundwork Athletics. They can either train you in downtown Vancouver at GWA’s amazing facility (with full COVID precaution), or virtually by Zoom.

By #LiftingForGrace we can not only lift up her spirits, but anyone else in need of medical care.

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