Eby, Brian - Lions Gate Hospital Foundation

Artist: Brian Eby

Title: Wave

Dimensions: 18" x 24"

Medium: Acrylic on Canvas

Website: https://www.brianebyartist.com/about

Description: Brian Eby was born in Toronto and attained his Bachelors of Commerce, MBA and CEF degrees. Throughout his life, Eby took on various creative endeavors, but he always found himself coming back to painting as his main focus. He became interested in the illusion of painting and the magic behind created realistic pieces of art. He learned how to paint form books, through practice, and by studying with talented contemporary painters. Through his paintings, Eby explores the conflict when trying to convey an image that is inviting to the eye, drawing its viewers into a complex scene despite it being rendered with simplicity. He describes his work as, “a methodical messiness that somehow is still balanced, all the while creating the illusion of an effortless process.”

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