Levy, Shevy - Lions Gate Hospital Foundation

Artist: Shevy Levy

Title: In Bloom

Dimensions: 60" x 50"

Medium: Oil on Canvas

Website: https://www.shevylevyart.com/

Description: Shevy Levy is a noted Vancouver artist who visualizes her memories as contemporary abstract paintings using bold gestural brushstrokes and vibrant colour pallet. She began her art career in 1975. An Israeli native, she met and studied with master artists Moshe Gershoni and Raffi Lavie who significantly influenced Shevy’s work. In 1993 Shevy immigrated to Canada where she very quickly became part of the Vancouver art community. Shevy studied at Emily Carr University of Art and Design, developing her style. She started as a portrait painter as she is fascinated by people’s facial expressions and behaviours. Shevy later felt an urge for simplicity and decided to focus on how we share ideas and thoughts without directly depicting them on canvas. This is how the “Colors of Memory” series came about. Her abstract pieces look simple on the outside but they are more complex and dynamic on the inside. Shevy’s work is about what you don’t see, and it invites the viewer to create a meaning for the painting based on their personal experiences and memories - so they might experience them more fully in their own life. One of the most unique elements of Shevy’s abstracts is the use of mathematical formulas as part of the composition. This influence is coming back from her university degree in mathematics and fascination with exactness of shapes and formulas.

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