MacDougall, Doris - Lions Gate Hospital Foundation

Artist: Doris MacDougall

Title: Pond Flowers

Dimensions: 60" x 48"

Medium: Acrylic


Description: Doris MacDougall is a Canadian artist who resides in Vancouver. She studied Clay and fiber at Capilano College and graduated in 1981. MacDougall has been a partner at Zebo Designs since 1995 and has been painting since 1998. She combines clay, textile and finishing techniques and materials, with drawing being a core part of her work. Her work refers to textile crafts, fabric fragments, quilts and floral forms that are rich in history. Her passion for gardening has also led her to create various works that highlight the personal stories, history and patterns that are seen in nature. In MacDougall’s voice, “My paintings are fragments of the garden, my surrounding, my history.”

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