Tarling, Tracey - Lions Gate Hospital Foundation

Artist: Tracey Tarling

Title: Lake of the Lions

Dimensions: 40" x 90"

Medium: Acrylic on Canvas

Website: http://www.traceytarling.com/

Description: Tracey Tarling was born on Vancouver’s West Coast and attended the Emily Carr Institute of Art and Design and Zen brush painting at the Vancouver Academy of Art where she studied painting and sculpture. Over the past few years, Tarling has been working on paintings, sculptures and photo based mixed media works that reflect her interest in natural sciences, transformation, passages and regrowth. She uses oil, ink solvent transfers and drawing on plaster and wood to display complex landscapes. Tarling’s work has been exhibited nationally and internationally in over 70 shows, as well as having been featured on the covers of CDs books, biographies, and poetry books. She has created works related to modern Feminism/Femininity for a corporate collection in Germany, and has also worked with IBI Architecture Vancouver, LA, and London to design 60 panes of glass to amplify light throughout a new public hospital in Vancouver Canada.

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