Tatossian, Armand - Lions Gate Hospital Foundation

Artist: Armand Tatossian

Title: Mont Megantic, Journee Hivernale

Dimensions: 30" x 40"

Medium: Oil on Canvas

Website: http://armandtatossianfoundation.blogspot.com/

Description: Armand Tatossian was an internationally recognized artist. His grandfather was an artist and curator at the Alexandria Museum of Egypt; thus, Tatossian had a strong background to lay the groundwork for his artistic career. In 1965, he dedicated himself to painting full time, which allowed him to travel and exhibit his work internationally. Although he already had excellent training and education in art, Tatossian continued his studies at the Paris Academy of Fine Arts. He then moved on to the Carrera Academy in Italy, where he developed the figurative and impressionistic style he is known for today. His works are vigorous and intense, with a generous application of oil paint to canvas. His main inspiration came from the Canadian landscape, but he also enjoyed the technicality of still life. In 1973, Tatossian became a member of the Royal Canadian Academy of Arts, at the time, the youngest artist ever to be elected. He exhibited in North America, Europe and Asia and enjoyed great success, before his passing in August 2012.

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