Warner, Edith - Lions Gate Hospital Foundation

Artist: Edith Warner

Title: The Golden Grid

Dimensions: 30" x 24"

Medium: Mixed Media

Website: https://nsartists.ca/edithwarner

Description: Edith is originally from Winnipeg, Manitoba where she began working with glass painting as a young girl. In her adult years, Edith moved to the West Coast and dedicated her energy to raising a family and managing her business career. Eventually, her spiritual connection and love for nature inspired her to go back to her creative roots. Edith expand her artistic interest to encompass watercolour, acrylics, collages and mixed media. Her work is constantly evolving and aims to capture the essence of nature and of spiritual and dream imagery. Edith is a former member of the Federation of Canadian Artists, and Executive member of the North Shore Artists’ Guild, as well as a member of the West Vancouver and North Vancouver Arts Councils. She was also the volunteer Art Curator for Lions Gate Hospital Foundation’s Healing Power of Art program.

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