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(Front, L-R) Angela Cheng, Angela Fan, Edith Chan & Jessie Xiao

(Back, L-R) Steve Qu, Andy Kai & Yang Wang



Asian Advisory Committee

In 2015, a group of local residents came together to form our Asian Advisory Committee with the intention to increase awareness within the local Asian community of the critical role Lions Gate Hospital plays in improving and saving lives.

The Committee hosts our LGH Community Cares Gala on an annual basis. Funds from the Gala are used to help improve patient care through the purchase of much-needed medical equipment, and building / upgrading new medical facilities. To date, this annual event has raised over 1 million to support health care in our community, and has grown to become one of the most influential fundraisers in the Asian Community.

Thanks to the Committee’s efforts, signs with Chinese translations and interpreters on wheels have been installed and widely used around the Hospital. These have significantly helped to improve communications between non-English speaking patients and our medical staff teams, improving overall care for our patients.

We are now planning the 6th Annual LGH Community Cares Gala. If you would like to join our existing Committee members and contribute to this annual event, please email Stephanie at [email protected].

2023 Asian Advisory Committee members:  

Edith Chan, Chair

Yang Wang, Past Chair

Angela Cheng

Angela Fan

Lynne Li

Amanda Liang

Steve Qu 

Jessie Xiao    

Junmei Zhao 


2015 年,一群志同道合的社区爱心人士相聚一起成立了亚裔咨询委员会,旨在提高亚裔居民对狮门医院的了解,尤其在完善医疗服务和挽救生命方面所扮演的重要角色。

亚裔咨询委员会每年会举办一场名为【关爱耀狮门】 的年度慈善晚宴。晚宴所筹得的善款用于购买急切所需的医疗设备,创建/升级医疗设施,完善医疗服务。迄今为止,此年度盛事已为我们的社区医疗筹得超过 100 万元善款,并已发展为亚裔社区内最具影响力的筹款活动之一。


我们现正筹划第六届慈善晚宴。如欲成为亚裔咨询委员会成员,共同筹办这项年度盛事,请发送电邮至 [email protected],与姚女士联系。

2023 年度亚裔咨询委员会成员:









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