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Dayana Otero   LPN. Palliative Care Unit at Lions Gate Hospital

February 19, 2019

Dayana Otero, our newest Health Care Hero, is part of a team of health care professionals that provide palliative care services at North Shore Hospice and the Palliative Care Unit at Lions Gate Hospital.

Staff split their time between the two locations to provide patients with a life-threatening illness with a comprehensive range of support services.

Dayana, a Licensed Practical Nurse, enjoys the relationships she is able to build with patients as the pace of life and care is more measured. “In palliative care you really have to take your time to be with patients. Sometimes just sitting with a patient is caring for them.”

On the palliative Care Unit on the 7th floor at LGH she cares for patients requiring longer-term treatment for a range of serious medical conditions. At the hospice she supports patients that require short-term care to manage issues such as symptom and pain management as well as patients that need end-of-life support and care.

“It is rewarding just to be able to be a part of their last days. Sometimes it’s very sad but to love somebody and care for somebody is very rewarding,” explains Dayana. “We have the best team here and it is nice to be recognized for the work that we do.”

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