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Sheila Bautista   Care Aide 6W

December 1, 2018

I’m really touched and proud with these HCH award. Never expected that this patient would appreciate the service I gave her while she stayed in 6West that time.

Why did i choose to become a care-aide?

Being a Registered midwife back home Philippines, caregiving is one of my passion. I have looked after so many patients not only here in Canada but traveled to Singapore and Israel being a caregiver as well. I’m happy meeting different kind of people and their cultures.

How Long have I worked for LGH?

I was employed since 2008 and have worked for almost 11 years. First I have worked as Community health worker under Vancouver coastal health for more than 5 1/2 years and the rest here at Lions gate hospital full time employee Float pool which I have loved as i can travel to all different areas of the hospital meeting different faces most everyday.

What is the best part of what I do?

The best part of what I do is to see patients happy they say thank you with a smile and satisfied and comfortable after the care i have given them. And make sure their safe.

Working in LGH is definitely awesome. A career path to anybody. I’m lucky I’m part of it. Maybe I can continue to upgrade my studies in the future.

Perseverance and passion is the key to where I am today. It’s not easy as beginner to get into here.

My parents and my family are my inspirations in life.

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