Lee Ann Lambert - Lions Gate Hospital Foundation

Lee Ann Lambert, Director

Lee Ann Lambert is a longtime resident of the North Shore having moved here from Ontario. She studied political science and commerce at Queen’s University and at UBC. Her employment background is primarily in health care and, most recently, in the disability services sector. An interest in volunteering prompted her to join the Auxiliary to Lions Gate Hospital as a Wayfinder in 2014. Since then, she has taken on the position of Wayfinder Category Chair in 2015 and, after becoming a Board member, the Vice President of the Auxiliary in 2016. Lee Ann finds her roles rewarding on many different levels and encourages others to explore the possibilities and benefits of a leadership position. The opportunity to share one’s skills, build camaraderie, and connect with others has been most satisfying. Lee Ann’s home life is shared with her husband of 32 years and their crazy but loveable dog. She is an avid reader, hiker and gardener.

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