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Gifts of Retirement Fund Assets

Making Lions Gate Hospital Foundation a primary or co-beneficiary of your RRSP or RRIF may enable you to support health care on the North Shore and reduce the amount of taxes that your estate would otherwise have to pay.

When you name Lions Gate Hospital Foundation as primary or co-beneficiary of your RRSP or RRIF, your estate will receive a charitable tax receipt for the value of the gift proceeds received after death. As this is an asset that resides outside of the estate, it is not subject to probate fees and the charitable tax receipt will likely help offset other taxes owing on the estate.

The Benefits of Donating Gifts of Registered Fund Assets

  • You retain full access to your retirement funds for the duration of your lifetime.
  • The designation is revocable and can be changed if your financial and/or life circumstances change.
  • At death, retirement fund accumulations are subject to full taxation at your top marginal tax rate. By naming Lions Gate Hospital Foundation as a beneficiary, gift proceeds directed to LGHF are not subject to probate and estate fees as your RRSP/RRIF exists outside the estate settlement process.
  • Funds that otherwise would be lost to taxation are re-directed toward enhancing health care in our community.

We are Here to Help

Should you decide to make Lions Gate Hospital Foundation a beneficiary of your retirement fund assets, we hope you will share your decision with us so that we can express our gratitude today. Your gift intention will be held in the strictest confidence.

When making the beneficiary designation or making a provision in your will, the correct legal name to use is:

Lions Gate Hospital Foundation

231 East 15th Street, North Vancouver, BC V7L 2L7

Charitable Business Number: 11902 0907 RR0001

Talk to our Planned Giving Team

If you would like confidential assistance regarding gifts of retirement fund assets, or would like additional information, please contact:

Carolyn Anderson

Director of Planned Giving

Email: [email protected]

Phone: 604.984.5857

Let’s work together to honour your philanthropic intentions.

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