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MRi 2 – Bringing Life-Saving Imaging Closer to Home

Lions Gate Hospital desperately needs a second MRI machine. The existing MRI unit operates 24/7 and performs more than 8,000 exams a year. But this is not enough. 

Currently, 50% of patients who need an MRI have to travel Downtown for an appointment. There is a six-month wait time for non-urgent cases.

We need your help to purchase a second MRi machine to increase capacity, reduce stressful wait times and decrease the need for unnecessary travel for local patients. Help fund this technology by making an online donation today.


MRI Technology

MRI (Magnetic Resonance Imaging) is a high-tech diagnostic tool that uses radio waves and a powerful magnetic field to generate detailed images of organs, tissue, bones, joints and physiological processes.

This minimally-invasive technology allows radiologists to detect and diagnose illness and injury.

MRI is part of a suite of digital imaging technologies in use at LGH. It is particularly effective for diagnosing and monitoring:

  • Brain and spinal injuries and disease
  • Dementia, epilepsy & multiple sclerosis
  • Soft-tissue tumours
  • Blood vessel function
  • Joint abnormalities and bone infections

With a second MRI in operation at LGH, thousands of patients with debilitating but non life-threatening conditions as well as those, coping with cancer, stroke, brain disorders and major joint injuries will have faster access to diagnosis and treatment.

Help Bring Life-Saving Imaging to the North Shore

The project to expand MRI services at LGH has been boosted by the kindness of George & Annabelle Gaffney. The local couple, who have been actively involved in many charitable endeavours over the years, have donated a leadership gift of $1.5M to get the campaign underway. As well as funding a new machine, hyour donation, will help fund the renovation of a new MRI suite. Please join George and Annabelle and help us reduce delays and prevent unnecessary patient stress and suffering by making a donation to the campaign. 

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