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North Shore Health Care Awards Nominees

Thank you to all who submitted nominations for our 15th Annual North Shore Health Care Awards!

Exceptional people create exceptional results. The annual North Shore Health Care Awards celebrate staff who show a deep commitment to patient care. We are grateful for all the health care professionals in our community; your strength inspires us, and we look forward to celebrating you! Please join us in congratulating our nominees.

Brian And Betty Mcmanus Workplace Inspiration Award

This award honours those who energize the workplace and who are dedicated not only to their chosen career, but also serve as a role model for those considering a career in health care. A health care workplace environment can be significantly enriched by an individual who exemplifies:

  • professional competence;
  • a positive “can do” attitude;
  • a willingness to generously share his or her knowledge and skills; and the motivation and commitment to “go the extra mile” for both colleagues and the people they serve.

Clinical Practice Award

Continuous improvement is key to better health outcomes and to the effective and efficient delivery of service. This award honours staff and physicians who have identified an opportunity for improvement and then acted on it. This could be in the area of clinical research, process redesign, innovative curriculum development and delivery, software development or adaptation, or the creation of a new health care program or service. The intent is to honour those who have had a systemic influence on the care and service we provide not only on the North Shore, but also on the health region as a whole or even on a provincial or national level.

Dr. Les Janz Leadership Award

Leadership is a way of being, not a job title. This award honours those who lead by example, either formally or informally. Such an individual earns the trust and respect of colleagues, sees problems as opportunities to think critically and systemically, communicates effectively, endeavours to build strong and inclusive teams, takes responsibility for his or her actions, and recognizes the contributions and talents of others. Leaders are also integral to influencing the culture of a unit or organization and have a positive effect on recruitment and retention.

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