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Dr. Michael Hahn

September 30, 2023

May 23, 1952 – September 30, 2023

Dr. Michael ‘Mike’ Hahn dedicated his life to medicine and made a lasting impact on the lives of countless individuals.

Dr. Hahn pursued his passion for medical sciences at the University of Western Ontario, where he earned several degrees, including Doctor of Medicine, Biomedical Sciences, Internal Medicine, and Gastroenterology. His thirst for knowledge and commitment to excellence propelled him to become an expert in his field.

For an impressive 35 years, Dr. Hahn dedicated his time and expertise to Lion’s Gate Hospital, where he served as a highly regarded Gastroenterologist. Patients throughout the community sought his care, grateful for his honest approach and compassionate bedside manner. His commitment to his patients was evident in his unwavering dedication and willingness to listen to their concerns, complaints, and dreams.

Dr. Hahn’s colleagues and friends remember him as a generous and fair individual. He generously shared his time and wisdom, always ready to lend a listening ear to those in need. He would often express his profound love for his grandchildren, showcasing the warmth and love he possessed for his family.

Outside of his medical profession, Dr. Hahn was a man of many talents and passions. He delighted in entertaining and cooking for loved ones, creating unforgettable memories through shared meals and joyful gatherings. His generosity extended beyond his family and close friends, as he consistently supported the North Vancouver Royal Canadian Mounted Police (NVRCMP) by willingly parking on the street in the 30-minute zone, resulting in frequent tickets and occasional towing.

Dr. Michael ‘Mike’ Hahn leaves behind a legacy of compassion, expertise, and warmth. His impact on the medical community, his patients, and those who were fortunate enough to know him personally will forever be cherished.

Farewell, Dr. Hahn. May your kind and giving spirit continue to inspire us all.

-Staff of the Endoscopy Department at Lion’s Gate Hospital

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