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Robert Jones

February 23, 2023

Robert Jones, died on February 23, 2023, at Lions Gate Hospital in North Vancouver.

Robert was a painter, a professional stylist, a jewelry maker, an interior designer, and an athlete. 

He is survived by his spouse Don Bury, his mother-in-law, Nancy Bury, his sister-in-law Rhiannon Bury (Luis), Robert’s siblings, George Jones (Judith), Kathy Jones (Paul Daltrop), Peggie Jones (Jim), nieces, Sarah Daltrop (James) and Shira Daltrop (Will) and great nieces, Lilah and Laney. 

Please send him goodwill and love. His memory is a blessing.

Robert received the best medical care from the compassionate hospital team at Lions Gate Hospital. Please consider donating to The Lions Gate Hospital Foundation

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