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Ryan MacDonald, Clinical Practice Award

“He has a calm and relaxed approach which helps to create a safe and supportive environment for his colleagues.”

Congratulations to Ryan MacDonald, Clinical Nurse Educator for the Intensive Care Unit, the recipient of our Clinical Practice Award.

In just one year in his role, Ryan has left an indelible mark on the Critical Care Program, not only at Lions Gate Hospital but across our Coastal Communities. Colleagues commend his calm and relaxed approach, which contributes to fostering a safe and supportive environment as he fulfils his role as an educator.

Among his notable contributions is the impact he’s had on the successful implementation of the Critical Care Outreach Team (CCOT) across rural sites. Ryan spearheaded the expansion of CCOT services to locations such as Bella Bella and Bella Coola, garnering positive feedback and improvements in patient care.

With Ryan’s guidance, the ICU now has enhanced patient outcomes, strengthened bonds with our Coastal Community partners, and an invaluable improvement in caregiving capabilities. Ryan’s guidance has been instrumental in ensuring that patients in more remote areas of our community receive the best care possible and staff members feel supported in their work.

Watch Ryan receive his award below.

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