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Krista McPhail, Spirit of Philanthropy Award

“Krista consistently advocates for the well-being of both her patients and staff, going above and beyond to create a nurturing environment.”

Congratulations to Patient Care Coordinator on 4 West, Krista McPhail, the recipient of our Spirit of Philanthropy Award.

Krista has become an invaluable volunteer for the Foundation through her support of numerous events and fundraising activities. She frequently dedicates time, energy and financial support to the mission of the Foundation.

Her creative set-dressing skills have elevated our annual bowling fundraiser and her decorations of 4 West are legendary. Throughout each season and every holiday, Krista ensures that the department stands out as the best-dressed at LGH.

Beyond her creative contributions, Krista has actively participated in hands-on support for events such as Step Up and recently participated in donor awareness events, championing our Technology Transformation Campaign.

Colleagues commend Krista for her remarkable ability to cultivate a positive and inspiring workplace environment. Her dedication and compassion towards both staff and patients create a culture of collaboration and dedication. Patients, in turn, benefit from an uplifting atmosphere, leading to improved morale and an enhanced sense of well-being.

Krista’s passion for her role has transformed a once drab inpatient ward into a serene sanctuary strategically designed for patient relaxation and solace. This transformation has not only improved the mental and emotional well-being of those under her care but has also cultivated a sense of joy and community.

Her vibrant, thoughtful presence has left an indelible mark on the Foundation’s fundraising endeavors, as well as on the lives of her patients and colleagues. We are truly grateful to have Krista as an honorary member of our team.

Watch us surprise Krista with the award below.

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