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Lions Gate Hospital is Here for You

Lions Gate Hospital is one of 17 Primary COVID care sites in BC and it has undergone some major changes to prepare for an influx of patients requiring critical care during the coronavirus pandemic.

The Integrated Operations Centre, which was opened last fall thanks to a $200,000 donation from the Foundation, is now the Coastal Emergency Operations Centre. It is open 24/7 to coordinate patient intake, logistics and planning.

The Intensive Care Unit (ICU) now has 5 negative pressure rooms, and a specialized COVID-19 unit with 28 beds has been set up on the second floor. With fewer surgeries taking place, extra capacity has been created in other units throughout the hospital.

The Emergency Department has been re-configured to ensure that visitors are met right at the entrance before admission ensuring that suspected COVID-19 cases are separated from patients dealing with other urgent health issues.

Patients visiting for chemotherapy enter the clinic through a separate, sealed entrance to provide them with extra protection while they receive life-saving treatment.

Patients requiring time-sensitive care are meeting with their health-care providers through video-conferencing.

As the crisis continues, hospital staff will continue to adapt to ensure that all critical cases, whatever the cause, can receive the treatment they need when they need it.

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