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“Seven months ago I was rushed to the Emergency Department at Lions Gate Hospital in pain and distress. Today, I’m back on my feet at home with my wife Jeannie.” – Rod Senft

In May, I survived a sudden and near fatal bout of acute pneumonia. At Lions Gate Hospital I experienced medical care at its finest. I was home with a diagnosed viral infection. Suddenly, my condition deteriorated and I needed help fast.
I was struggling to breathe and in severe pain. In the ambulance I wondered how I had gotten into so much difficulty so quickly? In Emergency, we could hear the physicians diagnosing my life threatening situation.
With the help of a new CT Scanner, the medical team determined that I was at a tipping point. One side of my lungs had filled with fluid. The other was deteriorating quickly putting severe strain on my heart. My body seemed to be shutting down.
Looking back, I know I received first class medical care. Our doctors handled my crisis with remarkable professionalism. After leaving the Emergency Department I spent the next few weeks in the hospital recovering.
Inspired by the tenacity of the medical team that fought to save my life, I’m supporting a special new unit that will provide specialist care for patients with complex medical needs.
I now understand that if LGH had a specialized Critical Care Unit, I would have been a prime candidate for admission.
In recovery I didn’t need moment to moment care in Intensive Care. However, I did need more observation and support above and beyond what is available in the standard ward where nurses are stretched looking after up to five patients.
As a patient, I have seen the gap in the system and I realize I was fortunate. I am grateful that LGH Foundation has made a commitment to create specialized services for patients with complex and potentially life-threatening health issues by funding a new Critical Care Unit.
We are asking friends and people like you in our community to help us raise the funds needed to build this essential unit. The Critical Care Unit will have a life-changing impact on the lives of thousands of patients and their loved ones.
We take our health for granted until we lose it. There are seasons in everyone’s life. No one escapes those seasons. Today or tomorrow Lions Gate Hospital is going to be extremely important to you and those you love.

Please join us in donating what you can to ensure that our community hospital can continue to provide the enhanced care needed to meet the changing needs of our families, friends and neighbors.

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