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Top 10 Donor-Funded Items in 2020

During one of the most eventful and challenging years for Lions Gate Hospital (LGH), the support we have received from the North Shore community has been incredible.

Throughout the coronavirus pandemic, the impact of our donors’ generosity has been felt every day. With $1 million in donations invested in technology, equipment, and PPE, our staff are well prepared for the immediate and long-term fight against COVID-19.

Donations to our Patient Experience Fund and individual gifts from donors also supported many different areas of care, strengthening LGH in the face of the pandemic.

As we near the end of 2020, we’d like to thank all our donors, and showcase our top ten list of new life-saving and enhancing donor-funded purchases at LGH.

Top 10 Donor-Funded Items in 2020

  • 15 Kangaroo Bassinets: In the Maternity and the Neonatal Intensive Care Unit, mothers and babies now have the use of 15 modern bassinets, replacing 30-year-old bassinets in serious need of an upgrade. Their practical design and adjustable height allow the units to fit more snuggly alongside beds, making for easier eye contact, cuddles and diaper changes.
  • 15 Televisions: In a year like no other, having access to comforting shows on TV is creating a tremendous impact on the long-term residents at Evergreen House. The televisions provide a morale-boost for residents unable to physically visit their loved ones for long stretches of time.
  • 13 Physiological Monitors: These advanced monitors provide seamless physiological monitoring, paying close attention to respiratory and ventilator parameters. The new monitors were deployed in the ER and COVID Units during our efforts to prepare LGH for COVID-19. The total cost for this life-saving equipment was $324,000. Thank you to the Tzu Chi Foundation for purchasing two units, and to every donor who contributed to our North Shore COVID-19 Emergency Response Fund which paid for the additional monitors. These will serve as an invaluable tool across multiple departments for a long time to come.
  • 10 Virtual Interpreter Units: There are many different languages spoken on the North Shore which can create communication challenges during medical emergencies. With the purchase of thirteen mobile translation units, frontline staff throughout the hospital now have access to real-time translation services at their fingertips, in more than 100 languages. Watch a live demo of a patient in the Emergency Department using this life-saving device.
  • 7 Ventilators: Our COVID-19 Fund enabled LGH to purchase an additional 7 ventilators. These are in addition to the 25 currently in use at the hospital. We cannot thank the North Shore community enough for providing the patients requiring critical care with the gift of life.
  • 2 Phacoemulsification Machines: Recent improvements in the provision of eye care include the upgrade of surgical technology for cataracts at LGH. Cataracts are one of the leading causes of blindness in Canada. This new technology allows for smaller incisions, less complications, and reduced rates of astigmatism. Thanks to a donation of $183,000 from an anonymous donor, two phacoemulsification machines were purchased, and thousands of local residents who suffer from visual impairment caused by cataracts will benefit.
  • 1 C-Arm X-Ray Machine: A brand new C-Arm X-ray machine was purchased for the Orthopedic Program at LGH. This sophisticated medical imaging machine is primarily used for fluoroscopic intraoperative imaging during orthopedic procedures. The high-resolution X-ray images it takes in real-time allow physicians to monitor progress and immediately make adjustments.

  • 1 Neuro Invasive Monitor: Invasive neurological monitoring helps measure, track, and detect pathophysiological changes in the brain following a severe traumatic brain injury. This $37,000 monitor is providing invaluable insights in the General Surgery ward at LGH. The accumulation of donations ranging from $5 to $500 goes a long way to providing important equipment such as this monitor. Every donation of every size truly has a life-saving impact in our community.
  • 1 Hana Orthopedic Surgery Table: Also known as the Hana Table, this incredible piece of equipment is improving the future of hip replacement surgery at LGH. Less pain, shorter hospital stays, and faster recovery times are just a few of the benefits it will provide to the 500 patients a year receiving hip replacements at LGH. The Hana Table cost $108,000, and was generously funded by North Shore couple Mike and Joan Michalson.

“There’s a real patient need for this procedure and we think it’s going to improve the outcomes of our hip replacement patients,” says Dr. Rick Nadeau, part of the orthopedic surgical team that has been championing the use of the Hana Table at LGH for the past two years. “As well as better pain relief and improved mobility, this procedure increases the possibility that patients can go home much sooner after surgery, potentially even the same day.”

  • 1 NIM Nerve Monitoring System: This nerve integrator monitor allows surgeons to identify, confirm, and monitor motor nerve function in real-time during ENT and general surgeries. Most commonly used at LGH for thyroid cancer and thyroid nodule surgery, it helps surgeons monitor the important nerves that support the vocal cords. Thank you to Peter and Renate Zirpke for funding this vital and important piece of machinery.

“Before we had this machine we would rely on the experience of the surgeon to identify the nerves and preserve them, but this is much more objective and scientific and has made a huge difference in thyroid surgery,“ says Dr. George Chang, general surgeon at LGH with a sub speciality in head and neck surgery.

In our present world of uncertainty, we are grateful to our health-care providers and donors for ensuring that Lions Gate Hospital has the expertise and technology to continue to provide the best we can to our patients.

As you consider your charitable giving for the season, please be assured that 100% of all donations made to the LGH Foundation goes to improving patient care. Our entire community benefits with every gift you make. To support future equipment purchases, and new life-saving technology, please donate online.

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