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Tracey Decker, Workplace Inspiration Award

“Tracey’s commitment and work ethic is truly an inspiration to the Pharmacy team.”

Congratulations to Technician Supervisor in the Pharmacy, Tracey Decker, the recipient of our Workplace Inspiration Award.

Tracey’s career spans over two decades at LGH, evolving from a Pharmacy Technician to a Purchaser/Receiver before assuming her current role in 2021. She has kept the drugs flowing at Lions Gate Hospital for the past 20 years, and her colleagues say “she is an excellent Pharmacy Technician who has always gone above and beyond for the Department and the patients we serve.”

Her influence extends across multiple facets of LGH’s medication supply chain, ensuring that patients receive the crucial medications they require and the pharmacy is stocked with all required medications, regardless of challenges such as medication back orders and recalls.

Beyond her primary responsibilities, Tracey extends her impact by actively participating in hiring, scheduling, and organizing training for student technicians. Her leadership is also evident in her role as a catalyst for team building activities, where she meticulously plans, coordinates, and executes events to boost staff morale. Her most recent undertaking was a festive ugly Christmas sweater luncheon for the entire pharmacy staff.

Colleagues unanimously attest to Tracey’s inspirational presence in the department, acknowledging her diligent work behind the scenes to guarantee a seamless medication supply for patients. Her leadership is marked by integrity, consideration, and a genuine commitment to the well-being of all.

Watch us surprise Tracey as we present her award below.

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