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Sonya Bains, Dr. Les Janz Leadership Award

“She is always making time for others and prioritizes fostering a welcoming environment.”

Congratulations to Patient Care Coordinator for Inpatient Surgery, Sonya Bains, the recipient of our Dr. Les Janz Leadership Award.

Sonya has been an integral part of the surgical program at LGH for many years. Her wealth of experience is evident in her role as a mentor, where she consistently supports and guides her colleagues. Sonya’s compassionate nature shines through as she consistently dedicates time to others, creating a nurturing and inclusive work environment for all.

Sonya has taken the best PCC practices from across LGH and seamlessly incorporated them onto the 6th floor. She empowers staff members to take ownership of their practice, fostering a culture of accountability. This includes a revamped approach to morning safety huddles where nurses can collaboratively discuss patient cases, nurturing a team-oriented approach to nursing.

Sonya’s leadership also extends to facilitating the 6th floor’s caregiving. Her proactive identification of patients with heightened health needs allows for effective communication with care aides, enabling them to prioritize and provide the best possible patient care.

In celebrating Sonya, we applaud not only her leadership qualities but also her dedication to elevating patient care and fostering a collaborative and supportive work environment at LGH.

Watch Sonya receive her award below.

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