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Your Mental Health Webinar Series

To support members of our community dealing with social isolation and experiencing mental health difficulties, the Foundation has created this free webinar series to share the knowledge and expertise of our mental health professionals based at The HOpe Centre.

As we enter the second year of living in a pandemic, the necessary restrictions on everyday activities have created extra burdens and taken a toll on many. In addition to the webinar replays which are available below, we’ve assembled a list of mental health resources available in the community.

These webinars feature advice, practical tips, and resources for everyone whose mental health has been impacted by the pandemic.

Watch the Replay of Session 1: Coping with COVID

Linda Latham the Manager of the Older Adult Mental Health Team on the North Shore is featured in our first episode in conversation with Louise Campbell, VP of LGH Foundation. Linda shares ideas on how to thrive, not just survive during this challenging time.

Watch the Replay of Session 2: Breaking Down Barriers

Gail Harrison, Mental Health Substance Use Clinical Nurse Educator from the HOpe Centre is featured in our second episode in conversation with Louise Campbell, VP of LGH Foundation. More people than ever before are turning to North Shore Mental Health teams for support, and yet, we know there are many people still out there who are reluctant to seek help. Feelings of shame and stigma or a lack of information are preventing many people who are dealing with mental health challenges from getting the professional support they need. This webinar will address how we can learn to prioritize our mental health without fear, shame or embarrassment.

Watch the Replay of Session 3: Home Alone

Dr. Allan Burgmann, Medical Director of Acute Psychiatry for Lions Gate Hospital is featured in our third episode in conversation with Louise Campbell. Loneliness and loss of workplace and social structure, the difficulty of maintaining work/life balance, fear of job loss, financial worries and boredom are all stressors impacting our mental health. For people who live alone, retirees and those out of work, the lack of face-to-face contact and loss of a social and family life can be even more distressing. This webinar will provide you with strategies to feel more connected and empowered during these challenging times.

Watch the Replay of Session 4: Kids Coping with COVID

As young people continue to experience disruption to their education, home, and social lives, the webinar focuses on supporting their mental health and helping them access the right local resources to navigate the challenges they face. We interview Julie Zimmerman, Manager of Mental Health and Substance Use at North Shore’s Foundry, to get her tips and tricks.

Discover Mental Health Resources Mentioned in our Webinars here.

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