It may look like a cross between a Zamboni and a crane, but the Shimadzu Portable X-ray Machine has been a game-changer for LGH’s Medical Imaging Department.

Each year, thousands of X-rays are performed at LGH, and when  trauma patients are unable to be transported or require bedside care, portable X-ray assistance becomes essential.

The versatility of portable X-ray machines allow operators to avoid unnecessary transport and movement of patients while offering fast and accurate information on-the-spot. These benefits present an opportunity to save more lives and improve the quality of patient care at our hospital.

The fully digital Shimadzu Portable X-ray Machine can be used to examine anyone, but has proven particularly beneficial for reaching more seriously ill patients such as those in the Intensive Care, High Acuity and Post-Surgical Units at LGH. This innovative machine has also been used in the Emergency Department to instantly determine fractures from a stretcher in the trauma bay.

“We are grateful for the generosity of donors who fund technology and give us the opportunity to work with innovative machines. It’s been a huge asset to the Radiology Department and has really helped us a lot,” says Yvonne van Gelderen, Site Coordinator for Medical Imaging at LGH.

As the demand for X-ray services expands in our community, the Radiology team relies on specialized equipment to provide efficient and dependable care to all. This new machine has replaced an aging unit bought over two decades ago, and staff have already seen major improvements in patient care capabilities.

The Shimadzu Portable was funded through a bequest from the estate of Francis Barrie Stewart.

The LGH X-Ray Team