Just a few weeks after being discharged from the Cardiac ward at LGH, North Shore resident Jose Dino returned bearing gifts and gratitude. 

Jose, a general manager for Telus visited the Emergency Department at the end of November suffering from a number of symptoms that he thought were the result of an allergic reaction. In fact he had a serious heart condition and spent eight days on the LGH Cardiac unit undergoing tests and treatment.

While on the road to recovery, Jose had plenty of opportunity to watch the cardiac care team at work. “I wanted to come back to personally thank them all,” he explains. “I was really impressed with so many things. The emotional support, the friendliness, the expertise and knowledge of the staff and the very positive high-level commitment to patient care.”

As well as delivering chocolate treats, a few stuffed Telus critters for festive stocking fillers, Jose delivered a heartfelt speech. “I had time to watch the nurses, doctors and specialists and it really opened my eyes and made me realize how hard it is to work in health care. I thought to myself, this is a great hospital and that’s why I got in touch.”

Thank you Jose, for taking the time to say thanks and thank you to our health care teams in the Emergency Department and Cardiac Medicine for helping Jose on the road to recovery.

It’s been a tumultuous year for North Shore couple Sharon and Dennis Harper.

After many years of caregiving both sets of parents passed. They also lost a couple of very long-lived pets – a Bichon Cocker Spaniel and a Chihuahua.

Feeling ready for a fresh start, they booked a much-deserved post-pandemic vacation. “All of a sudden they were free to travel without restrictions,” recalls Dennis. “We were having the time of our life.”

Unfortunately, disaster struck just a few days into the trip which included an Ireland and UK cruise with a few city excursions. While visiting with relatives in the UK city of Liverpool, Sharon was hit by someone riding a motorized scooter.

Her knee cap was shattered and with no ambulance available for several hours, she was placed on the floor of a taxi for an uncomfortable ride to the local hospital.

After being patched up by the emergency department, Sharon and Dennis spent a few more days in the UK before finally being flown back to Vancouver.

When they landed at YVR they headed straight for Lions Gate Hospital pulling their luggage with them. Within the hour, she had X-Rays in hand and an orthopedic surgeon scheduled for surgery the very next day.

Following the three-hour surgery to repair the broken kneecap with metal screws and wire, Sharon was back home for the start of a long recovery.

The Harper family have had many emergency visits to Lions Gate Hospital over the years, and they have always taken note of the staff who always went the extra mile to support them.

“I know our health care system is under pressure but you don’t hear enough about the good stories. The care and support that was available when we really needed it was impressive,” says Dennis. “The staff here really deserve our appreciation and I have nothing but great things to say about Lions Gate Hospital and the care Sharon received,”

As a show of appreciation for the exceptional support of Dr. Zarkadas and the staff in the Emergency, Surgical Services and Radiography departments, Dennis visited the Foundation to make a donation in their honour.

Sharon is now on the mend and looking forward to the day when she and Dennis can arrange a new dream vacation.