“He has a calm and relaxed approach which helps to create a safe and supportive environment for his colleagues.”

Congratulations to Ryan MacDonald, Clinical Nurse Educator for the Intensive Care Unit, the recipient of our Clinical Practice Award.

In just one year in his role, Ryan has left an indelible mark on the Critical Care Program, not only at Lions Gate Hospital but across our Coastal Communities. Colleagues commend his calm and relaxed approach, which contributes to fostering a safe and supportive environment as he fulfils his role as an educator.

Among his notable contributions is the impact he’s had on the successful implementation of the Critical Care Outreach Team (CCOT) across rural sites. Ryan spearheaded the expansion of CCOT services to locations such as Bella Bella and Bella Coola, garnering positive feedback and improvements in patient care.

With Ryan’s guidance, the ICU now has enhanced patient outcomes, strengthened bonds with our Coastal Community partners, and an invaluable improvement in caregiving capabilities. Ryan’s guidance has been instrumental in ensuring that patients in more remote areas of our community receive the best care possible and staff members feel supported in their work.

Watch Ryan receive his award below.

“Krista consistently advocates for the well-being of both her patients and staff, going above and beyond to create a nurturing environment.”

Congratulations to Patient Care Coordinator on 4 West, Krista McPhail, the recipient of our Spirit of Philanthropy Award.

Krista has become an invaluable volunteer for the Foundation through her support of numerous events and fundraising activities. She frequently dedicates time, energy and financial support to the mission of the Foundation.

Her creative set-dressing skills have elevated our annual bowling fundraiser and her decorations of 4 West are legendary. Throughout each season and every holiday, Krista ensures that the department stands out as the best-dressed at LGH.

Beyond her creative contributions, Krista has actively participated in hands-on support for events such as Step Up and recently participated in donor awareness events, championing our Technology Transformation Campaign.

Colleagues commend Krista for her remarkable ability to cultivate a positive and inspiring workplace environment. Her dedication and compassion towards both staff and patients create a culture of collaboration and dedication. Patients, in turn, benefit from an uplifting atmosphere, leading to improved morale and an enhanced sense of well-being.

Krista’s passion for her role has transformed a once drab inpatient ward into a serene sanctuary strategically designed for patient relaxation and solace. This transformation has not only improved the mental and emotional well-being of those under her care but has also cultivated a sense of joy and community.

Her vibrant, thoughtful presence has left an indelible mark on the Foundation’s fundraising endeavors, as well as on the lives of her patients and colleagues. We are truly grateful to have Krista as an honorary member of our team.

Watch us surprise Krista with the award below.

“She is always making time for others and prioritizes fostering a welcoming environment.”

Congratulations to Patient Care Coordinator for Inpatient Surgery, Sonya Bains, the recipient of our Dr. Les Janz Leadership Award.

Sonya has been an integral part of the surgical program at LGH for many years. Her wealth of experience is evident in her role as a mentor, where she consistently supports and guides her colleagues. Sonya’s compassionate nature shines through as she consistently dedicates time to others, creating a nurturing and inclusive work environment for all.

Sonya has taken the best PCC practices from across LGH and seamlessly incorporated them onto the 6th floor. She empowers staff members to take ownership of their practice, fostering a culture of accountability. This includes a revamped approach to morning safety huddles where nurses can collaboratively discuss patient cases, nurturing a team-oriented approach to nursing.

Sonya’s leadership also extends to facilitating the 6th floor’s caregiving. Her proactive identification of patients with heightened health needs allows for effective communication with care aides, enabling them to prioritize and provide the best possible patient care.

In celebrating Sonya, we applaud not only her leadership qualities but also her dedication to elevating patient care and fostering a collaborative and supportive work environment at LGH.

Watch Sonya receive her award below.

“Tracey’s commitment and work ethic is truly an inspiration to the Pharmacy team.”

Congratulations to Technician Supervisor in the Pharmacy, Tracey Decker, the recipient of our Workplace Inspiration Award.

Tracey’s career spans over two decades at LGH, evolving from a Pharmacy Technician to a Purchaser/Receiver before assuming her current role in 2021. She has kept the drugs flowing at Lions Gate Hospital for the past 20 years, and her colleagues say “she is an excellent Pharmacy Technician who has always gone above and beyond for the Department and the patients we serve.”

Her influence extends across multiple facets of LGH’s medication supply chain, ensuring that patients receive the crucial medications they require and the pharmacy is stocked with all required medications, regardless of challenges such as medication back orders and recalls.

Beyond her primary responsibilities, Tracey extends her impact by actively participating in hiring, scheduling, and organizing training for student technicians. Her leadership is also evident in her role as a catalyst for team building activities, where she meticulously plans, coordinates, and executes events to boost staff morale. Her most recent undertaking was a festive ugly Christmas sweater luncheon for the entire pharmacy staff.

Colleagues unanimously attest to Tracey’s inspirational presence in the department, acknowledging her diligent work behind the scenes to guarantee a seamless medication supply for patients. Her leadership is marked by integrity, consideration, and a genuine commitment to the well-being of all.

Watch us surprise Tracey as we present her award below.

Congratulations to the four recipients of our 17th Annual North Shore Health Care Awards held virtually at Lions Gate Hospital on Wednesday, February 14th.

Healthcare staff from across the North Shore watched the online ceremony to celebrate and support more than 25 outstanding staff members who were nominated by their peers.

Click on the links below to learn more about each of our amazing recipients.

Introducing the 2023/2024 Recipients

Watch the full awards presentation below!